Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mr. Sun

It's my birthday today.  My big plans are driving my daughter to her all girls school, picking her up after school and driving her to the all boys school for marching band and then driving back to pick her up after marching band. And somewhere in between, I have to drive to the town an hour north of us to have lunch with my mom and her friends and make dinner.  Happy birthday to me.  Yes, I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself...  Last year I spent my birthday in Northern Ohio at a teachers conference and had a much better time.  The girls (other teachers) and I spent the whole trip using my birthday as an excuse to celebrate.  I think I still build my birthday's up to be bigger than they should be, but in reality they are just another day.  I did receive lovely thoughtful gifts from my family, and one daughter even cleaned some of the house for me without me having to ask her, so from here on out I will concentrate on all of the good things about the day... and ... not that the toilet is backed up and I now have a new thing to add to my list of what to do on my birthday.  :o)

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