Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Flower Basket

This took me a while to find the time and energy to work on it.  I'm so ready to draw again but so many other things have to come first, dern it!  This drawing was a new thought or idea to disect a flower basket into 3 parts.  One circle represents the basket, one the leaves, and the smallest circle the flowers.  I had so much fun doing this one.  I especially love the way the flower circle came out.  Now back to getting the kitchen done, then mother's day party for school, the bike-a-thon for school... you get the idea.  My summer starts in 5 weeks.  yes!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The wall cabinets and soffet are down and all the instullation from the attic came down too.  We have filled 3 garbage cans full of cellulose!  The hardest part is keeping up with the things falling from the ceiling.  I tried to cook last night after scrubbing the kitchen, things kept falling on to the stove.  We will be eating at the dinner down the road again tonight.

What's up at our house

This a picture of my daughter in my old kitchen, we have started to pull the cabinets out.  The soffett has to come down yet and all the cabinets need to emptied (not in that order).  Anyway -- MY HOUSE IS A MESS!!  and it's driving me crazy (in a good way) but it is taking away from my drawing.  I'll get back to it very soon - I hope

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spots of Red

I had a little bit of fun with the circles twisting them here and there. My daughters loved the color that I put in my last drawing and suggested that I try just one color this time, so why not? A little shading here and there and voila`.
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

February 23, 2010

 This is a line drawing I had finished in February 2008. I go through many different moods about what kind of art I want to make and when. I had drawn this picture and decided that I would use the ink watered down for the shading. In person the shading is a lovely gray color, after scanning the picture the shading had a muddy brown look, so please imagine this drawing with a gray shading and not this muddy color.