Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What's up at our house

This a picture of my daughter in my old kitchen, we have started to pull the cabinets out.  The soffett has to come down yet and all the cabinets need to emptied (not in that order).  Anyway -- MY HOUSE IS A MESS!!  and it's driving me crazy (in a good way) but it is taking away from my drawing.  I'll get back to it very soon - I hope


  1. Years have passed since you blogged about your messy house. How does it look now? I hope you were able to lay out the plans that you've mentioned and that you were able to spruce up your house. However, if you're still having difficulty keeping up with the cleaning chores, you might as well seek the help of a cleaning expert. You can have them clean your house, and it would definitely mean less hassle for you.

    Guy Houchins

  2. I’m sure your kitchen doesn’t look like this anymore. We’ve all been through where we don’t know how and when to start cleaning things in our house because everything is messed up. It’s like a family trail that all of us should pass through. But, instead of complaining about it everyday, let’s just start cleaning up. Set a routine that will suit your schedule. Or, if you’re a really busy mom, you could try asking help from cleaning experts, like what Guy Houchins said. Good luck and I’d love to see your clean house here. Keep the blog updated. Cheers! -
    German Zollinger